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Anti Theft and Drop Protection Phone Tether

Anti Theft and Drop Protection Phone Tether

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Your Ultimate Phone Guardian

Immerse yourself in life's unforgettable moments without constantly checking your pocket or handbag. With Xtendo™, the perfect fusion of safety and convenience, your phone is always secure, and your mind always at ease.

Connects to Any Smartphone with Ease

The Xtendo™ tether is a universal anchor that attaches to any smartphone case, creating a robust link between your phone and your person. Whether you clip it onto your jeans, backpack, or purse, the attachment is secure, yet unobtrusive. The retractable cord permits full phone usage, from phone calls and texts to selfies. If your phone slips or someone tries to snatch it, the tether will prevent it from straying too far. The result? Your phone won't hit the floor, and potential thieves will find it nearly impossible to snatch away.

Enjoy Uninterrupted Phone Usage

Our Xtendo™ tether serves as a physical reminder that your phone is safe and secure. It's a perfect accessory for concerts, festivals, and other crowded events, where phone safety can be a significant concern. But its usefulness doesn't end there; it's equally practical for day-to-day activities, such as shopping or traveling, or for kids who need to keep their phones secure on the way to school.

Never Lose or Drop Your Phone Again!

Secure Your Peace of Mind Today

Anti-Theft and Drop Protection

Xtendo™ safeguards your phone against thefts, accidental drops, and damage. Our retractable tether system ensures your phone never hits the ground.

Elegant Design

Our sleek, discrete design complements your style. The lightweight clip latches onto your pants, purse, or bag without adding any bulk.

Easy Usability

Talk, text, click pictures, or browse through social media, all while keeping your phone secure. Our tether doesn't interfere with your phone usage or block the charging port.

Use and Charge Your Phone without Hassle

Beyond its primary safety function, the Xtendo™ tether has been designed with a keen eye for detail. The clip's sleek design makes it a subtle and stylish accessory, and the tether's lightweight construction ensures it doesn't weigh you down. Plus, it doesn't block your phone's charging port or any of its functions, meaning you can continue to use your phone as you wish.

More Than Just a Product

Remember, Xtendo™ isn't just a product; it's your phone's bodyguard, a lifeline when in unfamiliar territories, a safety net for those slippery-handed moments. Trust us, it's not just an accessory; it's the peace of mind you didn't know you needed.

Picture the freedom of not having to worry about your phone while savoring a music festival, embarking on an outdoor adventure, or sending your children off to school. That's the serenity Xtendo™ promises you.

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🎉 Make the smart choice today!

Join thousands who've already discovered the joy of worry-free phone security. Protect your number one asset with Xtendo™ Anti Theft and Drop Protection Phone Tether—your trustworthy companion in everyday life and exciting escapades!

So, why wait? Say goodbye to the "What ifs" and embrace the secure, adventurous lifestyle. Order your Xtendo™ today!

What Makes Xtendo™ Special

Find out the advantages of Xtendo™ and how it differs from others.



Unwavering Security
Unhindered Usability
Peace of Mind
Sleek and Discreet Design

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does the Xtendo™ Anti Theft and Drop Protection Phone Tether work?

The Xtendo™ tether securely anchors between your phone and its case. You then clip the other end to your clothing, bag, or purse. Your phone stays attached and secure, and the retractable tether ensures easy usage without risk of drops or thefts.

Can Xtendo™ be used with any smartphone?

Yes, Xtendo™ has been designed for universal compatibility. It can easily attach to any smartphone and case, irrespective of the brand or model.

Will Xtendo™ interfere with my phone's functionalities or charging port?

No, Xtendo™ has been designed to ensure full access to your phone's functionalities and charging port. You can freely use your phone for calling, texting, browsing, or charging without any interference.

How long is the retractable tether on the Xtendo™?

The retractable tether is designed to be long enough for easy usage of your phone while ensuring it doesn't hit the ground if dropped.

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